• In four delicious flavours
  • Beneficial lactose-free milk
  • + Hydration – promotes fluid intake
  • Rich in calcium and vitamins

Catch the milk

Cats cannot resist a tasty splash of refreshing milk. Muuske does not only meet their basic needs, but also pampers your cat with precisely what it desires: 

Wholesome and carefully processed milk that is particularly agreeable to cats because it is lactose-free. It promotes fluid intake and is rich in calcium and vitamins – so your cat can be active and healthy for all nine of its lives.

Natural cranberry, honey, cream, and coconut additives offer your furry friend the variety it craves. Perhaps as a little flavour addition to their drinking water, or as a special treat straight from their milk saucer – whether you have a lazy house cat or a prowling predator.


With Muuske you can now gift your cat a special moment of indulgence. The four flavours offer variation from day to day, while also promoting health. Muuske is available in the following formats:

  • 4-pack
  • multipack of 20 (5 × 4 different types)
  • 26-pack tray for retail sale (the same type, or multipack)